Inverness, Scotland
Design - Music - Art - Writing
Drawing on a mixture of inspirations, I am a former naval officer, published poet, recorder and Native American flute player, enthusiastic composer, and one day, during Christmas 1999, I also realised I actually knew how to paint.
In 2012, I moved from my native city of Bergen, Norway to lovely Inverness, Scotland where Iím making the effort to live off my creative work.
The distance from artist to designer isnít far, and I have designed both logos and packaging, mostly through 99designs, as well as thousands of products, like phone cases, mugs, and even skateboards, on print on demand website Zazzle.
Musical expression has been with me since 1995 when I began playing the recorder. It is only recently, however, that I have started writing music properly - occasionally publishing new tracks on the greatest music website: Bandcamp. 
My artistic work spans a myriad of methods and media, from wax, pencils, oils and acrylics to photos, digital drawings, fractals and 3D work; my styles vary from amorphous abstracts to the flamboyantly figurative. Art has been my main form of self expression since I discovered it.
I sell my prints through Fine Art America, and very recently I also started selling original works of creativity through Etsy. So far this is mostly jewellery that Iíve made, but I will also include paintings and drawings in my shop.
Writing is where it all started: in the autumn of 1992 I realised that I wanted to write with creative purpose, and since then I have shaped around 1000 poems, as well as collecting ideas for stories. I also have a half-written novel that I may one day find the time to complete.
Though my writing has been somewhat neglected while I have pursued other ways of expressing myself, I have a few projects in the works to remedy that. More information will follow here
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